Sunflower Marble Modern Floor Lamp

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This is “the sun falls on the ground”, just like Van Gogh’s sunflower contains the mystery of life, with the color of the sun, with the spirit of the sun, with rich vitality.
The whole lamp is bright, full of hope and fantasy, full of free and easy personality. It will light up like the sun, filling the entire space with sunlight.

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SKU: ML21740-1-350 Category:
Brand Name MARSDEN
Item NO. ML21740-1-350
Description floor lamp
Material metal+marble+acrylic
Finish gold+black
Light Source LED
Suitable For Indoor, Lobby, Living Room, Hotel, Bedroom, Shop, Restaurant, Villa
Warranty 2 Years
MOQ 5 piece
Lamp Size (mm) L350*W220*H1650

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